Research Interests: Development Economics, Health Economics, Political Economy


[5] “Touching Beliefs: Using Touchscreen Technology to Elicit Subjective Expectations in Survey Research” (with Manoj Mohanan) PLoS ONE, November 2018, 13(11): e0207484. [article]

[4] “Improving rational use of ACTs through diagnosis-dependent subsidies: Evidence from a cluster-randomized controlled trial in western Kenya” (with Wendy Prudhomme OMeara, Diana Menya, Jeremiah Laktabai, Alyssa Platt, Indrani Saran, Joseph Kipkoech, Manoj Mohanan, Elizabeth L Turner) PLoS Medicine, July 2018, 15(7): e1002607. [article]

[3] “Household beliefs about malaria testing and treatment in Western Kenya: the role of health worker adherence to malaria test results” (with Indrani Saran, Wendy Prudhomme OMeara, Diana Menya), Malaria Journal, August 2017, 16:349.[article] 

[2] “Is Traditional Male Circumcision Effective as HIV Prevention Strategy? Evidence from Lesotho” PLoS ONE, May 2017, 12 (5): e0177076. [article]

[1] “Assessing the independent and combined effects of subsidies for antimalarials and rapid diagnostic testing on fever management decisions in the retail sector: Results from a factorial randomized trial in western Kenya” (with Wendy Prudhomme OMeara, Jeremiah Laktabai, Manoj Mohanan, Adriane Lesser, Alyssa Platt, Elizabeth Turner, Diana Menya) BMJ Global Health, September 2016; 1(2):e000101. [article]

Manuscripts Under Review

  • “Can individuals beliefs help us understand non-adherence to malaria test results? Evidence from rural Kenya” (with Manoj Mohanan, Wendy Prudhomme OMeara, and Elizabeth L Turner), Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID) Working Paper No. 243.
  • “Does improving appropriate use of malaria medicines change population beliefs in testing and treatment? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial” (with Manoj Mohanan, Indrani Saran and Wendy Prudhomme O’Meara)
  • “Relying Solely on Mobile-Phone Technology: Sampling and Gathering Survey Data in Challenging Settings”
  • “Addressing inequalities in medical workforce distribution: Evidence of a quasi-experimental study examining the impact of the More Doctors Program” (with Thiago Augusto Hernandes Rocha, Gabriel Vivas, Carlos Rosales, Catherine Staton, Joao Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci)

Manuscripts In Preparation

  • “The Local Health Impacts of Natural Resources’ Booms in Brazil”
  • “The Political Economy of Health Epidemics: Evidence from the Ebola Outbreak”
  • “The importance for nutrition of pairing cash transfers with behavioral change interventions and full coverage in the first 1000 days of life” (with Erica Field, Duke University)
  • “Is the Phone Mightier than the Virus? Cell Phone Access and Epidemic Containment Efforts” (with Robert Gonzalez, University of South Carolina)

Work in Progress

  • “The Effective Delivery of Maternal Cash Transfers in Myanmar” (with Erica Field, Duke University) – Data analysis. Coverage: The Guardian
  • “The Impact of Formal Finance on the Moneylender Market: Evidence from Rural India” (with Isabelle Cohen, Berkely University, Erica Field, Duke University, and Rohini Pande, Harvard Kennedy School) – Data analysis
  • “Low-quality Medicines in Myanmar” (with Kyaw Swar Mya at University of Public Health, Yangon, Myanmar and Nicholus Tint Zaw, Innovations for Poverty Action) – Exploratory pilot

Other research (Protocols, Policy Reports and Op-Ed Contributions)

“Final Report: Maternal Cash Transfer (Myanmar)”, International Growth Center, 2018 (with Alexander Fertig) [pdf]

“An innovative public-private partnership to target subsidized antimalarials: a study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial to evaluate a community intervention in Western Kenya” (with Jeremiah Laktabai, Adriane Lesser, Alyssa Platt, Manoj Mohanan, Diana Menya, Wendy Prudhomme OMeara, Elizabeth L Turner) BMJ Open, 2017; 7(3):e013972. [article]

“Feasibility Study: Technical options to implement a universal maternal and child cash transfer program in Myanmar”, IGC, UNICEF, Save the Children, 2015 (with Jenny Hilton) [pdf]

“Leveraging Technology-Enabled Banking Agent Distribution Networks”, Fino Fintech Foundation, Interim Baseline Report, CIRM (Center for Insurance and Risk Management), 2014 (with Saurabh Sharma and Rupalee Ruchismita)